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Aputure Amaran 200x S LED studio light

of Aputure
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€350,00 - €350,00
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Product description

The amaran 200x S is a 200W bi-color LED spotlight with integrated control, versatile power options and a Bowens mount. With its very high color quality, all-in-one design for convenient operation and versatile power supply options, the amaran 200x S is perfect for videographers, indie filmmakers, creatives and photographers who need a lightweight device without sacrificing spectral and the image quality.

Thanks to the new dual blue LED chipset, the 200x S offers even better spectral reproduction with a very high SSI (Tungsten) of 90 and SSI (D56) of 89? an SSI increase of 18.6% over the previous model. The color reproduction is very accurate with increased values ​​for CRI [95], TLCI [98], TM30 RF [97] and TM-30 RG [101]. Thanks to the universal Bowens mount, the amaran 200x S is compatible with numerous common light modifiers, including the Light Dome SE, the Light Dome Mini II and the Aputure Lantern. This makes this LED spotlight an extremely versatile multi-tool. In addition, the 200x S offers an umbrella holder integrated into the lamp head.

The amaran 200x S corresponds to the compact all-in-one design of its predecessor. In conjunction with the Hyper Reflector, its powerful LED provides illumination of up to 45,400 lux at 1 meter. The intuitive LCD display fits seamlessly into the housing, as do the control buttons, which can be used to adjust the light intensity in 1% increments and the color temperature between 2700 K and 6500 K.

Thanks to the integrated Sidus Mesh technology, the 200x S can be controlled wirelessly via the Sidus Link app. These include the nine lighting effects Paparazzi, Fireworks, Flash, Broken Light Bulb, TV, Pulse, Strobe, Explosion and Fire. Power is supplied via the included AC power adapter or via two gold or V-mount batteries, which can be integrated with the Aputure 2-Bay Battery Power Station (sold separately).

Key features

  • Bi-color spotlight
  • Compact and lightweight lamp head
  • Easy to use, minimalist interface
  • 200W power
  • Up to 45,400 lux at 1 meter distance with hyper reflector
  • Very high color quality
  • Significantly improved spectral continuity and light quality
  • Infinitely dimmable from 0-100%
  • Bowen's Mount
  • Sidus Link app control
  • Built-in umbrella holder
  • Integrated, silent cooling system
  • Two control buttons
  • 9 lighting effects

Scope of delivery

  • Amaran 200x S
  • Hyper Reflector
  • Power supply
  • Power cable
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